Two Features of the MMI® Touch Response System

One of the latest additions to new Audi models is the MMI® Touch Response System. This user-friendly system enables drivers to utilize their built-in multimedia display with greater ease. Below, we go into two of its features so you can use your vehicle to its fullest.

Changing Driver Assist Settings

One of the benefits of new Audi models is the advanced driver-assist technology that come with it. However, many people have different preferences on how they like to drive. That is where the MMI® Touch Response System comes in handy. With it, you can create an individual profile. Starting at the home screen, press the "car" button from the list. This will open a secondary menu, among which is "driver assist." Press this button, and you can set your vehicle's safety to one of three levels: maximum, individual, or basic. In this case, click the icon next to "individual" to adjust tools like Night Vision Assist and Distance Warning independently of each other. Your input will be saved automatically.

Pairing a Personal Phone

With the MMI® Touch Response System, you can also synchronize a compatible smartphone with your vehicle. This will allow you to stay connected even as you travel. To do so, choose the telephone option from the home screen. Click the icon on the center of the screen to connect your mobile phone. Be sure that the Bluetooth option is on for your device. Choose your phone from the menu and your new Audi will establish a connection on its own. Once a connection is configured, you will be able to utilize tools like handsfree calling and messages and Bluetooth audio.

These are some of the ways the new Audi MMI® Touch Response System helps you personalize your driving experience. To learn more, we suggest looking through your owner's manual. Otherwise, you can ask one of the representatives at Audi Bridgewater to give you a demonstration at our dealership in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Just contact us today to set up your appointment.

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