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At Audi Bridgewater, we specialize in selling Audi certified pre-owned cars with extended warranties and special financing. All of our cars have been refurbished, inspected, and certified by renowned certifying authorities.

How do I benefit when I buy an Audi CPO?

There are many reasons why you should consider buying an Audi certified pre-owned car. First of all, only cars in the best condition sponsored by the manufacturer are accepted into our CPO program.

Our cars have undergone multiple inspections and reconditioning processes to ensure that they meet the required quality standards. Our vehicles go through hundreds of checks and are certified and approved by the time they go on sale.

Audi Bridgewater provides extended original basic and powertrain warranties on all their vehicles. In addition, we provide roadside assistance for the entire duration of the basic warranty coverage.

One of the benefits of buying our Audi CPO vehicles is that you can qualify for low-interest financing, which may be equal to the financing offered on new cars. The lower the interest rate on your CPO car, the lower the monthly payments.

How to Buy an Audi CPO

When buying an Audi CPO, be sure to understand the warranty that comes with the car. Find out how long the warranty coverage lasts; whether it is from the date it was bought by the original buyer or the date you buy the car.

Once you choose the Audi make and model that you want, stop by our dealership for Audi CPO cars. You can also browse through our website, where we have entire pages of Audi certified pre-owned cars. All of our cars are in the manufacturer's CPO program, which guarantees quality.

How can you check the quality of a CPO car?

All of our cars at Audi Bridgewater meet high-quality standards and are well maintained. However, we ask you not to take our word for it; instead, come and visually inspect the car you want. We will even allow you to test drive it to get a feel of your favorite Audi model. In addition, you do not need to go through the hassle of finding a mechanic to inspect your car, we have already done that for you.

The inspection report

If you want to verify the condition of our Audi CPO cars, we have mechanic inspection reports that we can avail to you on request. The updated reports provide details of all the features that have been inspected as well the current condition of the features. Our reports are so detailed, they even show the current thickness of brake pads and tire threads as well as the parts that were replaced during refurbishing.

Audi Bridgewater offers some of the best deals on the market with reasonably priced cars.

Buying an Audi certified pre-owned car is one of the best ways to get a good looking and well-maintained car at a great price. Visit our dealership today for a test drive.